Health, Safety & Environment

HSE Stop Work Policy


It is the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy of Trisystems Group Companies to maintain a safe and secure work environment against any risk or exposure to personal harm, property damage or adverse effects to the environment.

As such, it is the duty and the right of every HSE Committee appointed by Trisystems to exercise a ‘Stop Work’ activities that are considered to be an imminent danger. An “imminent danger” is defined as any condition or behavior that could reasonably be expected to cause death or serious injury, or environmental harm.

Whenever an employee, contractor, or participating guest encounters conditions or practices that appear to constitute an imminent danger, such individuals have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Alert the affected employee(s) or contractor(s) engaged in the unsafe work creating and imminent-danger condition and request that the work be stopped.
  • Call immediate superior to report the incident.
  • Notify the immediate supervisor and/or responsible division/department manager.

The Management of Trisystems Group of Companies is fully supportive of the decisions of an HSE Committee which is taken in the diligent execution of this Policy:

  1. ‘Stop Work’ shall be applied if any situation arises due to an unsafe action or behavior or omission or non-action of any party involved in the operation, and if such situation were permitted to continue, may potentially lead to the occurrence of an incident which may lead to personal injury or damage to Company asset.
  2. HSE Committee of Trisystems Group of Companies – irrespective of his/her position/seniority/discipline has the right and duty to apply the ‘Stop Work’ Policy, if in his/her opinion or judgement, such activity is deemed to be an unsafe or risky behavior. 
  3. There shall be no blame or fault put on any HSE Committee calling for a ‘Stop Work’ order even if, upon investigation, the ‘Stop Work’ order was deemed unnecessary.
  4. The ‘Stop Work’ order must be applied in good faith.
  5. Timing is a critical factor. There should not be any delay in calling for a ‘Stop Work’ order in the need arises.

Work that has ceased due to a ‘Stop Work’ order shall not be resumed until all safety aspects are cleared to the satisfaction of the HSE Committee who initiated the ‘Stop Work’ order or to the satisfaction of the employee whose work activities necessitated the initiation of the ‘Stop Work’ order.

As with other Company Policies, accountability for non-compliance will follow established company procedures or contract requirements.

Remember, ‘IF IT IS NOT SAFE, DON’T DO IT!’.

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