Health, Safety & Environment

HSE Objectives


The HSE objectives are established and documented as part of the annual business objectives for TRISYSTEMS. This is to ensure that planning and budgeting of the necessary operating capital and manpower budgets are raised to meet the HSE objectives set.

When establishing and reviewing its objectives, inputs from various sources shall be used by TRISYSTEMS such as HSE performance, relevant findings from HSE reviews, audits, directives from Management, new regulations and standards, accident/incident records, etc.

Performance Indicator are given for each objective to allow for the monitoring of the implementation of the objectives over a specific time frame. TRISYSTEMS HSE objectives are further supported by activities to achieve the objectives. The HSE MR keeps records of the TRISYSTEMS HSE objectives and targets.

TRISYSTEMS HSE objectives shall be consistent with the HSE policy including the commitment to continual improvement. As expressed in TRISYSTEMS HSE policy, TRISYSTEMS adopts the following objective in regards to Occupational Health and Safety:
  1. Compliance with HSE Standards and requirements.
  2. Minimize hazards in the workplace.
  3. Eliminate health and safety incidents and near miss.
  4. Eliminate Loss Time Injury.

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