• Fire and Gas Detection



    The risk of explosion and fast fire development in many industries is a real and ever present threat. From agriculture and textiles to petrochemical, oil and gas, automotive and semiconductor manufacturing, the need for fast detection and control of fire and sparks, leakage of flammable and toxic gases is an essential requirement for loss prevention.

    We specializes in detectors and maintain sufficient stock of consumables like test gas, smoke cans and spare parts.

  • Fields Instruments



    Analytical Instruments
    Programmers and Indicators
  • Automation and Control



    Control Valves and Process Engineering
    Control Valve Accessories
    Electronic and Pneumatic Controllers
  • Process Technology



    Oil and Water Analyzer
    High Temperature Cameras
    Particle Analysis
    Fused Sight Glass
    Camera and Light Vision System
    Sight Glasses and Sight Flows
  • Filtration and Separation


    Peerless Pump

    Gas Filters
    Liquid Filters
    Filter Separators
    Vane Separator
    Multi-Cyclone Scrubbers
    Fuel Gas Conditioning System
  • Interface Solutions


    Moore Industries

    Fieldbus Device Couplers and Power Supplies
    Signal Transmitters, Isolators and Converters
    Temperature Sensors, Transmitters and Assemblies
    Limit Alarm Trips and Switches
    Process Controllers, Monitors and Back up Stations
    Smart HART Loop Monitors and Interfaces
    Distributed I/Os and Data Communication Systems
    I/P and P/I Converters
    AC Power Transducers and Monitors
    Indicators and Displays
    Instrument Enclosure Systems
  • Flow Meters

    Fully supported with in-house capabilities and facilities for design, engineering, fabrication, installation, commissioning, documentation, training and after sales support services.

    Flow Meters
    Positive Displacement Meters
    Turbine Meters
    Mass Flow Meters
    Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters
    Vortex Meters
    Variable Area Flowmeters
    Density Meters
    Level Measurements
    Compact Orifice Flowmeters




    1. Gas and Liquid Custody Transfer Metering Systems
    2. Intrinsically Safe (IS) products and Systems


    Water Cut Analyse
    Water-Cut Analysers are real-time instruments that measure the percentage of water in hydrocarbons.
    CCM Multiphase Meter
    CCM Meters are real-time measuring systems for oil, gas, and water flowing from production wells.
    PPM Analyser
    Parts per Million Analysers are highly sensitive instruments measuring trace amounts of water.


    Variable Area Flowmeter/-switch-All Metal-Low Volume KDS/BGK
    Variable Area Flowmeter-All Metal BGN

  • Flares, Burners, Flare Gas Recovery, Vapor Recovery, Thermal Oxidation

    JZ® Process Burners Product Info
    JZ® process burners and technologies set a new standard for clean, economical combustion. As an exclusive brand of John Zink Company, JZ combustion systems are designed to operate in the toughest environments under the most severe conditions.

    Ethylene Applications Burners
    The world's ethylene plants rely on John Zink Company for the low and ultra-low emission JZ® burner solutions that enhance production efficiency and reduce emissions.

    Refining Applications Burners
    John Zink Company's clean combustion solutions play a vital role in the refining industry. JZ® low and ultra-low emission burners are the world's most advanced combustion solutions and are used in virtually every step of crude oil processing.

    Reforming Applications Burners
    John Zink Company understands that reformer operations face greater economic and emissions challenges than ever. JZ® low and ultra-low emission burners offer practical solutions to these problems with the clean-combustion technologies reformer plants need to maximize production.

    Custom-Engineered Solutions
    No matter how complex the problem or how remote the location, John Zink Company develops the clean-air solutions that help our customers perform more efficiently, economically and environmentally.

    Process Burner Selection Matrix
    Determine which burner system will best suit your application for maximum NOx reduction and enhanced operation.

    Application of COOL Technologies
    John Zink's patent-pending technologies and processes attain the lowest possible NOx while improving the performance of fired equipment.


    JZ® and Kaldair® - The World's Most Advanced Flares
    John Zink Company offers a comprehensive range of JZ and Kaldair flare systems designed to operate in the toughest environments, under the most severe conditions, for virtually every application. John Zink technology pushes the limits of clean, economical flaring with a focus on safety, ease of operation, and die-hard performance.

    High-pressure flares
    Air-assisted flares
    Enclosed flares
    Utility flares
    Liquid flares
    Gas-assisted flares
    Steam-assisted flares
    Ground flares
    Coanda flares
    Flare accessories
    Flare support structures

    John Zink Company offers flare gas recovery units to recover valuable flare gas for use as fuel or feedstock. John Zink ® flare gas recovery units are a smart solution to reduce combustion emissions, such as NOx, CO and CO 2 , and turn environmental liability into positive cash flow.
    As a world leader in flare and recovery technologies, John Zink is the choice supplier to integrate a flare gas recovery unit with your flare system. Our experienced engineers will be on site to start-up your system and train your operators.
    We also have a comprehensive field service team available for scheduled maintenance or emergency response. The result? Safe, dependable flare gas recovery operation long into the future.

    With more than 1,500 vapor recovery and combustion systems in service, John Zink Company provides petroleum and chemical terminals around the world with a safe, effective method to contain emissions. Typical emission sources include storage tank vents, truck loading racks, rail car loading facilities, marine terminals, process vents and tank cleaning/degassing operations.

    John Zink's proven vapor-control technologies are recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the Best Demonstrated Technology (BDT) and the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT).

    John Zink Vapor Recovery System
    • No trade-off pollutants
    • Positive rate of return on investment

    John Zink Vapor Combustion System
    • Lowest capital cost
    • Effective when handling a variety of products

    The experts at the John Zink International Research and Development Test Center engineer next generation combustion products and technologies that shatter the old standard of low emissions and conventional performance. Supporting global industries' efforts to protect our environment, John Zink Company offers an array of thermal oxidation systems to safely and effectively dispose of a wide variety of hazardous industrial wastes. With more than 2,300 thermal oxidizers installed and in service worldwide, John Zink proves time and again to be a leader in hazardous and non-hazardous organic waste disposal.
  • Process Furnaces and Heaters


    Process Furnaces and Heaters

    Furnace and Heaters
    CFD Modelling
    Process Design
    Retrofit Services
    Revamp Services