Activity that has been carried out :

  • Fire Drill


    The drill is carried out with collaboration from Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (BOMBA) to review the effectiveness of Emergency Response Procedure (ERP) for continuous improvement. The main objective of the fire drill, is to ensure that in the event of fire:-

    • ERP Team carry out their responsibility effectively
    • Evacuation of the building is achieved in a speedily and orderly manner.
    • Promoting a rational reaction when employees confronted with a fire.

  • Safety Talk


    Safety talk is given to employees with cooperation with PDRM, JBPM and NGO's. The aim of the safety talk is to create more awareness among employees on the safety aspect and educate them to be more prepared in actual situation if happen.

  • Away Day

    Day Away is designed for employees to get together for a healthy activity and promote active lifestyle. Day away is focused on the physical activities such as aerobic, jogging and light body stretching.

  • Training

    Training is given to employees in all aspect to ensure the safety and health target is achieved. Employees trained in-house and external to achieve the staff competency and values.

  • Biggest Loser


    Trisystems "The Biggest Loesr" program is initially proposed by some of our staffs to promote balanced diet, healthy lifestyles and maintain an ideal BMI. This proposal is to seek management approval on the planned event.


    • 1) Promote healthy lifestyles and balanced diet among Trisystems staff.
    • 2) Maintain ideal BMI or at least within the range acceptable to work offshore.
    • 3) Staffs stay healthy so that they could do their job better.
    • 4) Build stronger immune system which means less prone to sickness and diseases.


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