We pride ourselves as an engineering company providing control and instrumentation solutions for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries since our beginning in 1995. We have nurtured a team of dynamic and experienced engineers, some with specialized area of expertise such as Safety Systems Design (as per IEC 61511), Turbo Machinery Controls, Gas and Liquid Custody Metering and systems suitable for hazardous area.

We have in place a proven Standard Operating Procedure, which guides our people from preparation of tender proposal to our systematic way to providing after sales site services. We employ smart business strategies while maintaining a high ethical standard.

  • Control Systems

    • Safety Instrumented System (SIS)
    • Fire and Gas Detection and Alarming System (FGS)
    • DCS and SCADA
    • Integrated Turbine and Compressor Control (ITCC)
    • Machine Conditioning & Vibration Monitoring System (MCMS) & (VMS)
    • Boiler Management and Control System (BMS)

    • Skid and Process Packages

      • Nitrogen Generation Package
      • Air Compressor Package
      • Multiphase Flow Metering

    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic

      • Wellhead Control Panel
      • Hydraulic Power Unit
      • Fusible Plug Loop Panel
      • SIPROD Control Panel
      • Audible Alarm Control Panel